Elise Penn

PhD Candidate
Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group
Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences
Harvard University

Research Interests

I am currently a PhD student working with Daniel Jacob at Harvard University. I am interested in using satellite observations with atmospheric chemistry models to better understand what drives changes in air pollutants and greenhouse gasses. My current project uses a global inversion of methane observations in the shortwave infrared and thermal infrared ranges to separately constrain methane emissions and tropospheric OH.

Before graduate school, I worked with Tracey Holloway at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying the diurnal cycle of nitrogen oxides with satellite observations. I also did summer research at the NOAA Geophyisical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory with Larry Horowitz and Vaishali Naik validating global NO2 in the GFDL-AM3 model, and at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory with Dr. Jennifer Newman studying atmospheric effects on wind turbine efficiency.

About Me

My family moved a lot while I was growing up (some places include north/south California, Wisconsin, and Oxford, UK). Of these, I feel the stongest connection to Milwaukee, WI, where I've spent the most time. I am a proud alumna of Milwaukee Public Schools.

My interest in the earth sciences started off on the "solid earth" side, when I majored in Geological Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I still like to break out the geology books on road trips. My current hobbies include ceramics, hiking, camping, and video games.

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